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His hair is not short. It's still long.

It looks better now.

And you know that I've got no bias against long hair on guys.


Also, the cut is better for the curls. If the curls are what you like, you should love this. It looks way more curly in the after pictures.

Lisa D'Addio

I know this probably isn't going to make you feel better, but I'm seconding that his hair is still long. If he were in the same Catholic grade school that I went to, he'd get called up to see if it brushed his collar. Remember those rat tails that were in style in the late 80s/early 90s? I saw them get cut off in droves every September.

What matters is that he likes it. It's on his head, after all. Does he?

Marcia Van Drunen

Yep, it isn't short. No buzz cut there. To be honest, it doesn't look like (from your before and after) that much was cut off. Still curly. And he looks great -- although I think that no matter what, I'm sure. :)
The exposed neck -- ah, vulnerability -- may also be in part because his head is tipped forward. Makes it look more so than otherwise.
I like the question of whether or not he likes it.
Hope you get over it!
I have always been a "it's just hair" kind of gal, though. Most traumatic was E's first major haircut, and he lost his hockey hair look, and after that no one mistook him for a little girl anymore.
Today, E's hair is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I think I need some hair product for the lad!


So, you are scissor lady... why not cut it yourself? I have always cut my son's hair. It's longish floppy with a bend but not even close to this long or curly! The curl gives you room for mistakes, can't cut short straight hair without training!


It looks great!!!


never mind the haricut (which is adorable, how could that boy not be cute) I'm still focused on and enjoying the fact that he is "just not into smiling" these days....hilarious, those faces he makes are fabulous!!! big hugs to him from Auntie Cyn

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