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bc sil

love it!


My grandpa was a syrup farmer and used to bottle it up in cut glass bottles that he would recycle from the legion bar. I remember collecting the buckets of sap from the trees as a kid and my grandpa, dad and uncles feeding wood to the fire in the sugar shack and stirring with a paddle on a long stick. Enjoy your homemade syrup...it's the best.


Love it! Hubs, you rock!!!

Free Range Mama

Love it! I wish we had those types of Maples here in BC. Marieke directed me to your blog, saying we have similar interests. We raise bees and have amazing honey, but wouldn't it be awesome to have maple syrup too! Good for you guys.

Mary Griffiths

Yum, Yum, YUm I have a new recipe for Pumpkin, Bacon pancakes I'd love to smoother with that Maple Syrup!!!

Chris Van Meggelen

My parents have a lone maple tree in the front yard of their Toronto home. My dad taps it every year, collects only a few gallons of sap, and boils it down on the BBQ side burner. We usually get about 1cup of syrup, which I'm sure costs more in propane than just buying it in the store, but it's made of awesome! Also, all the pedestrians doing double-takes at the lone tapped tree in the small front yard is excellent.


Thanks so much for the great comments everyone. I had no idea that so many people were so into maple syrup making! I'm especially impressed with Chris' story of her dad tapping a single tree in their city front yard. And I love the sound of Kate's maple syrup filled childhood. Also, welcome to the blog Free Range Mama!


So cool, Hubs!! you rock! I was just saying to Noémie this evening that I wished our lone tree in our skinny Mtl back lot was a maple so I could hang a bucket off it. And then I saw this. Too. cool.

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