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augh!!! that is no good. i am so sorry you are all unwell! i would probably go insane all over again.

Mary Griffiths

Hope you feel better soon honey!!- remember go buy L.D. a new toothbrush after he's better - and you too--so you don't just keep reinfecting yourselves
Mother Mary !!!

Helen Horlings

I guess I can join the club cause I don't have a voice left either. If I do try to say a word or two I squeak. We're on holidays and picking up company from the airport tomorrow. Guess Tom will be doing all the talking. Hope everyone feels better soon
Aunt Helen H.


have you tried honey and cinnamon? I was reading of some miracle-type remedies on facebook involving various combinations of those two ingredients together to take as teas and syrups... I mention it just because I'd never thought of cinnamon before. Feel better and enjoy your dvds! The second season is awesome! (and your "sketches" are beautiful). xx


Thanks Hannah! I tried the honey and cinnamon, and while I don't think it did much, it was delicious. And that's more than can be said for many 'home cures'. The oil of oregano almost killed me! So gross.

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