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That is a great story! It turns out that LD and I have something in common, because when I was about his age, I too found a bird in our fireplace and had to get mom and dad to let it out. It was also a grackle if I recall correctly. The big difference in the story is that I was hanging out by myself downstairs watching Saturday morning cartoons, and it crashed and squawked down that chimney so loudly and suddenly that I was sure the world had come to an end!!! Rather than being in love with that bird I was utterly terrified and didn't even realize it was a bird, I flew up the stairs shrieking, and wouldn't come back down until dad had assured me it was just a bird and the bird was gone, I was pretty sure our house was possessed. So I guess we can count on a bird falling down the chimney every 35 years or so....Glad LD had a better experience than I did on this one :)

Mary Griffiths

I think you need a screen on your chimney--it might not be so easy to catch an agitated baby raccoon or squirrel!


Don't worry Mary, we already do have a screen on there, ever since my parents had a racoon nest in there a couple of years ago. But I guess that bird managed to squeeze in underneath it. And Cyn, I remember hearing that story about you and the bird, and thought it was funny how different an experience it was for LD. He was also the one who discovered the bird, and came and informed the rest of us, but I think the fact that it is now a closed, glassed in fireplace as opposed to the open one from your childhood made a big difference in terms of the 'surprise and fear' factor.

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