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That picture of him walking off down the hall with the nurse and without you is. a. killer. I would not have done well with that at. all. Good good night afte a long long day.


Oh! Becca had surgery and it was all too much!
It took her a few days to to perk up afterwards. She felt ok, just worn out.
I would have wanted to see the ear wax too.

Marcia Van Drunen

Thanks for sharing. May your little guy have slept well and be healing miraculously. Loved the whole post from beginning to end. And may all the work they did pay off in deep dividends of persistent good health for your dude! Blessings on your family, my dear.


Whoa! This brings back so many memories. Our guy is 14 now and taller than Pete and I.


lovely. hope today is going well, Dre. and that Little Dude is not too sore. and that your heart is not too sore. xox


Ahh. Hope LD is feeling a lot better today. We went through a similar experience with K when he was 2. I don't know how long the surgery was, probably less than 2 hours, but it felt like forever. We were at Sick Kids and they wheeled him away in a wagon with his doggy, and a bracelet for doggy too. They were awesome, but it was a scary experience! Let's hope he stops with the colds and the hacking and the wheezy and feels a whole lot better after this!

mary griffiths

You are not alone!! if you need a mom/nurse support i am here!
My kids have never had their tonsils out --but at 16 I did!
i know the ordeal! I loved your long post and your pictures!
hugs mary


I had the opposite experience when Stefan had tubes in his ears. I wasn't expecting any problems as he'd handled other medical procedures like a champ and got a shock when that walk down the hall happened with the nurse carrying him and he screaming, "Noooooooo!!!" back over the nurse's shoulder at me.


Thank you, thank you ALL for your kind comments and support. And Winston, that must have SUCKED. I don't know if I could have kept my composure if the Little Dude had not kept his. Also, on a side note, it seems a lot of people also share my questionable interest in ear wax....

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