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Okay, so this list and your descriptions are awesome!! The Little Princess photos almost made me cry. I ADORE those old books, and the Apple Paperbacks and oh, this just all evoked so much of my childhood and teen reading experiences. I too read Flowers in the Attic before I should have (which is never. I never should have, regardless of age), and was often sneaking around in the Adult section in the library when I was not yet 12.

The only one from your list I wrinkled my nose at was The Corrections. I don't think I could finish that book unless I had a gun pointed at my head. MAYBE. Now that one made me want to bring out my red pen, and how. AND drink gin from the cat dish!!

I know how you feel about I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!! I feel that way too. And you kind of feel like you're betraying the ones you don't include. Like, you actually feel BAD.

All these capital letters are reminding me of Owen Meany. I opened that book for the first time years ago and said, WHY IS HE YELLING AT ME ALL THE TIME?? But everyone said it was a must-read. I still haven't yet.

Staying tuned for your kids' books list!


Oh, I just love to read and love to see what other people liked too. Especially since no one in my family reads, it was something I shared with my grandfather who passed away many years ago. I do have an kindle that my husband bought me thinking that I would then get rid of all my books, as if! I do use it but have never paid for one,there are so many for free. It just can't replace the real thing. Not being able to look back at a previous page is quite a downfall.

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