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:) My favourite is Jamie Oliver's crew coming to clean and then him coming to cook. I'll just modify that a little to add for the rest of my life.

Also, if Alan is reading, Etsy is great for handmade beautiful, unique, and meaningful jewellery.

PS. I have the big stack of books. Just need the time—what am I doing on the internet. I could be reading... :)


Awesome! I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that I don't have your name...(ooops spilled a little bit of a secret there) it would be great to have you for the secret santa cause the list is so plentiful, tough though because, really... how to even pick one, let alone wrap it!!! p.s. anyone with brilliant words about wrinkle cream please share your wisdom...


Yeah, I wish you had me too sis! And vice versa. Its so easy to shop for you. Its like shopping for myself!

And Steph, I've got a bunch of nice jewelry 'favourited' on etsy, but they keep selling out of the stuff I want...

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